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Red Flag
Friday, 18 May 2007
Parliamentary democracy or Revolutionary democracy?
There are some people who allege that Marxism and Maoism always advocates violence. People who are ignorant about Marxism and Maoism think so. Karl Marx said "The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism". That means "Anti-socialists talk about peace for misleading people and real peace can be achieved through socialism". In my view, Marxists are only real peace mongers. Even Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King etc were pseudo nonviolence mongers because they didn't give proper definition of peace. There are some people in India who scold Karl Marx and praise Ram Manohar Lohia. Ram Manohar Lohia claimed himself as democratic socialist but I know that there are many capitalists including quasi-fascists who worship Ram Manohar Lohia. I read about a Lohia's fan who worked as chief minister of Bihar and led police state as Hitler did in Germany. Many naxalites were killed in fake encounters in his rule and peasants who were doing peaceful agitations were also killed in police firing. I also know about a journalist who is Lohia's fan and earned lot of money through real estates business in Hyderabad and killed his own kin by property disputes and hidden the deadbody for vanishing evidences. Such people are not eligible to criticise Karl Marx or Mao Zedong. Ram Manohar Lohia was influenced by British Fabian society that believes that socialism can be achieved in peaceful way. There are also ultra-capitalists who claim themsleves as Fabians. British imperialist prime minister Tony Blair claims himself as Fabian. If it is really possible to achieve socialism in peaceful way by contesting in parliamentary elections, Marxists and Maoists will feel very happy and capitalists will be only frustrated but parliamentary communist parties are collaborating with market capitalists and ignoring basic principles of Marxism. So, CPI(Maoist), Maoist Internationalist Movement and other communist parties are opposing parliamentary democracy. Ruling capitalist parties make attractive schemes and promises for diverting minds of people from communism. If they fail to divert minds of people, they do propaganda against communist. They say that communism is impractical or out dated ideology. There are also some parliamentary communist parties that ally with one capitalist party against another capitalist party. They directly uphold class collaboration and benefit capitalist class. Source: Maoist Green Media

Posted by laljhanda at 6:23 PM
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Karl Marx said that capitalism breeds war. It is very true. World War I happened between capitalist countries only. World War II was result of Hitler and Mussolini’s corporatism and imperialism. During cold war, christian imperialists concentrated much on attacking communist countries and now they are concentrating much on attacking islamic countries.

  • First nuclear bombs were made by a corporate capitalist country.
  • First nuclear bombs were dropped by a corporate capitalist country.
  • That corporate capitalist country never promised that they won’t use nuclear bombs again.
  • During cold war, that corporate capitalist country killed many innocents by dropping bombs on North Korea, Vietnam and other countries. Poisonous gasses spread by them even effect babies in wombs of pregnants.
  • Now also that corporate capitalist country is spending a lot for research on nuclear power and making more powerful nuclear weapons.
  • What is that corporate capitalist country?

United States of America - The most vehement “rogue state” of the world.

Source: Maoist Green Media

Posted by laljhanda at 6:10 PM
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Capitalism kills aqua wealth
Fish, prawns and crabs etc are wealth found in rivers, ponds, seas and other water resources. Some people depend upon occupation of fishing fish, prawns and crabs in ponds, rivers, streams, lakes and sea. Nowadays, industrial wastes are released into water resources and water contamination is killing aqua creatures. Fishers cannot find more fish in contaminated water and their income falls down. Even if they find fish in contaminated water, that fish is not suitable to eat. Eating fish of contaminated water causes diseases. People do not buy such fish if they know that fish was fished in contaminated water. Musi is one of the most polluted rivers in Andhra Pradesh. Hussain Sagar lake of Hyderabad is one of the most polluted lakes of Andhra Pradesh. If any one goes to fish market and he\she is informed that a person is selling fish found in Hussain Sagar or Musi, he\she fears to purchase fish from that person. Lakes that were constructed as fresh water lakes for drinking water purpose are also severely polluted. Hussain sagar lake was first constructed for drinking water purposes of Hyderabad city and now it is one of the most dirtiest lakes. Musi river flows through Rangareddy district, Hyderabad and Nalgonda district. Hyderabad city and Rangareddy districts are severely polluting water of river Musi and even effecting Nalgonda district. Hyderabad and Rangareddy district people and industrialists, both of these groups are responsible for pollution of Musi river. Drainage wastes of Hyderabad city and surrounding areas in Rangareddy district and industrial wastes are largely drained into river Musi. Industrial wastes drained into river Musi also includes poisonous chemicals like Mercury. It is easy to pollute river water either by draining town drainage wastes or industrial wastes. It is easy to kill good aqua wealth like fish, prawns and crabs by polluting rivers. It is easy to make fisher men starve by killing fish, prawns and crabs in rivers, ponds and lakes etc.

Nowadays even sea water is contaminated. Today, I saw a program in a telugu TV channel about death of whales in sea due to pollution of sea water. According to rules, industrialists should dig separate tanks from draining wastes but industrialists are freely ignoring rules and releasing wastes into rivers, ponds, lakes and other water resources and killing good aqua wealth. 500 million litres of sewerage is discharged into Musi river every day according to official estimation. I think that estimation is only about wastes discharged from Hyderabad city and surroundings.

Source: Maoist Green Media

Posted by laljhanda at 5:44 PM
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