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Red Flag
Sunday, 3 June 2007
Buddhadeb Bhattacharya - The Nazi Dictator of West Bengal
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Posted by laljhanda at 11:57 AM
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Saturday, 2 June 2007
Benito Mussolini and George Bush
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Posted by laljhanda at 12:12 AM
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Monday, 28 May 2007

Interview with Ganapathy, General Secretary, CPI(Maoist) [The questions that follow have been sent by various newspapers to Ganapathy, General Secretary, CPI(Maoist). More than half of these were sent by BBC. The answers by Ganapathy are being sent to the media in the background of the successful completion of the Congress of the CPI(Maoist) and other recent developments—Azad, Spokesperson, CPI(Maoist), 24th April, 2007] [The following is only a small section of the full interview available online -- PF] On the Islamic Upsurge: Q: But globally the fight is now becoming pro-globalisation versus Islamic upsurge—in this scheme of things how do you see a classless society? A: Globalisation is a war on the people and on every value cherished by the people for centuries. Globalisation is the ideology of the market fundamentalists. The market fundamentalists are destroying everything a nation had possessed and preserved for centuries. They promote nothing but sheer greed and self-interest with the sole aim of global hegemony and the means to achieve it is a war on all fronts—military, economic, political, cultural, psychological. And to achieve this "lofty" goal, they think even the destruction of the world is collateral damage. There is a people's upsurge against globalization all over the world and Islamic upsurge is an integral part of the worldwide people's upsurge against imperialism, imperialist globalization and war. A classless society-Communism—is a conscious human project and has to be built through the transformation of human consciousness. And to achieve this, the first step is to destroy imperialism on a world scale and domestic reaction in every country. Islamic upsurge is a reaction to imperialist globalization and imperialist oppression and exploitation of the world people, and Muslim masses in particular. As long as imperialism exists, and as long as it bolsters up decadent reactionary comprador Islamic regimes in countries of Asia and Africa, it is impossible for the Muslim masses to come out of their fundamentalism. It is only after the destruction of imperialism on a world scale can the Islamic masses come out completely from their obscurantist ideology and values. This will pave the way for the establishment of a classless society. Q: What is your opinion about Islamic upsurge? A: The answer to this question is already contained in the above explanation. In essence, we see the Islamic upsurge as a progressive anti-imperialist force in the contemporary world. It is wrong to describe the struggle that is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestinian territory, Kashmir, Chechnya, and several other countries as a struggle by Islamic fundamentalists or as a "clash of civilizations" long back theorized by Samuel Huntington and which is being resurrected by all and sundry today. In essence all these are national liberation wars notwithstanding the role of Islamic fundamentalists too in these struggles. We oppose religious fundamentalism of every kind ideologically and politically as it obfuscates class distinctions and class struggle and keeps the masses under the yoke of class oppression. However, "Islamic fundamentalism", in my opinion, is an ally of the people in their fight against market fundamentalism promoted by the US, EU, Japan and other imperialists. The upsurge is bound to raise the anti-imperialist democratic consciousness among the Muslim masses and bring them closer with all other secular, progressive and revolutionary forces. I see the Islamic upsurge as the beginning of the democratic awakening of the Muslim masses despite the domination of fundamentalist ideology and outlook in the Islamic movement at present. Our Party supports the Islamic upsurge and seeks a unity with all anti-imperialist forces. Q: Nasarullah of Hizbollah has recently said that Left should come close to Islamists. In Indian context—what do you feel? A: I basically agree with what Nasarullah of Hizbollah has said. One must understand that Nasarullah is referring to the struggles for national liberation from imperialism in Islamic countries. The need of the hour is to achieve the unity of all forces opposed to imperialism, particularly US imperialism, which is aggressively destroying every human value handed over to us by thousands of years of history and is oppressing every nation of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Left cannot even claim itself to be democratic if it does not initiate steps to unite with the forces in the Islamic movement which are fighting for national liberation from imperialism, particularly US imperialism. All the ongoing movements which are supposed to be led by Islamic forces in various countries as I had mentioned above, are national democratic movements in content. The strong religious language used by the leadership of these movements does not alter their national democratic essence and their anti-imperialist character.

I think that hardcore anti-communist groups such as Al-Qaeda and Taliban must be excluded from the United Front.

Posted by laljhanda at 12:04 AM
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Tuesday, 22 May 2007
Idealism, dialectics and materialism
Just criticising religious literature is not enough. There are some people who uphold religion even they know that there are lot of meaningless stories in religious literature. In bible, there are even stories that explicitly advocate incest, rapes and slavery etc but still there are people who uphold bible and there are some christian countries that banned books written against oppressions encouraged by bible. One person said that at first he was christian and he turned as agnostic(ajneyavadi) and later turned as atheist. He said that it is easy to make a rational argument with atheist or agnostic but it is difficult to argue with an idealist rationally. That means he became atheist after developing materialist way of thinking. Hegel claimed himself as dialectician but his thoughts were mixed with metaphysics and idealism. For example, Hegel said that mind is real. In German language, the word mind(geist) has two meanings. They are mind(alochana) and soul(athma). Soul is non-existent in scientific sense. Mind(thought) is existent but we need not think that thoughts are rationale in all cases. If we think that thoughts are rationale in all cases, we should even think that Hitler's thoughts were also rationale but Hitler was very foolish idealist. Hegel said that real is rational and Karl Marx modified the idea and said that rational is destined to be real. Hitler was also an idealist but there is very clear difference between Hegelianism and Hitlerism. Hitler said that every thing in the nature must be beautiful. It is one of his foolish ideas. Hegel said that every thing in nature undergoes changes. Karl Marx also agreed that every thing in nature undergoes changes but Hegel made metaphysical and idealist thoughts on dialectics of nature and Karl Marx made materialist analysis on dialectics of nature. Though Hegel was idealist and metaphysician, his ideas were some how mixed with dialectical way of thinking. Hegel's dialectical ideas also influenced Karl Marx's dialectical materialism. Any how, there is very much difference between Hegel's idealism and Hitler's idealism. It is difficult or impossible to make rational argument with a person who believes Hitler's idealistic ideologies because he didn't understand about nature. It is some how easy to make rational argument with a non-Marxist Hegelian because Hegelians understand some what about nature. It is easy to make rational argument with Marxist or Maoist if he had completely understood dialectical materialism.


Posted by laljhanda at 5:14 PM
Updated: Tuesday, 22 May 2007 5:19 PM
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Saturday, 19 May 2007
Human Rights group protests against Binayak Sen's arrest
Activists of People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) staged a demonstration outside a Chhattisgarh Government facility in New Delhi protesting the arrest of a renowned doctor Binayak Sen for allegedly sympathizing with the Naxals in Chhattisgarh.

Sen, a paediatrician has been working in the villages of Chhattisgarh to evolve a low cost health plan for the locals. He is also one of the most vociferous critics of the Salwa Judum movement - the government-sponsored movement to counter the Naxals.

Police had arrested Sen under the Special Public Security Act 2005 and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, citing he had supported the Naxals operating in the State.

"Binayak's arrest on the pretext of support to Naxals, sends a signal that anyone advocating for human rights of the Naxals, would be crushed, and put behind bars," said Prashant Bhushan, a Supreme Court lawyer.

Sen's supporters said that the doctor has been victimized for criticizing the Salwa Jadum movement.

"What has happened to him is a very dangerous signal for all of us as we are beginning to see the results of a society that is becoming a police society, where every problem is approached as a military problem. This is happening in Northeast where the public security act, the armed forces special powers act are enforced," said Arundhati Roy, Booker prize-winning writer and social activist.

The Army has taken over security of northeast, Kashmir and now in Chhattisgarh. Very soon it will be called in Andhra Pradesh as well, we are going to have a society where there is no such thing like civil rights or human rights, and democracy. We have all the institutions but they have all been hollowed out," said Roy.

Roy further said that Chhattisgarh is one of the worst affected states by Naxal violence. Over 40,000 tribal people have been moved to inadequate government camps in the state. A human rights group says there is an "unacknowledged civil war" in the area

The Naxal movement has intensified over the last two years and is beginning to attract national and international attention.

Posted by laljhanda at 10:55 AM
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Friday, 18 May 2007
Buddha Deb Bhattacharya and Adolph Hitler
Buddha Deb Bhattacharya is leading Hitler style police state in West Bengal. Buddha Deb claims himself as Marxist leader but he is behaving like a Nazi leader. When Hitler came into power in Germany, he banned communist party and killed social democrats and workers by using police force. Buddha Deb Bhattacharya banned Maoists and killing peasants and other opposition activists in West Bengal. Hitler was explicit anti-communist but Buddha Deb Bhattacharya is implicit anti-communist. He claims himself as Marxist and kills Maoists. Communist Party of India (Marxist) must change it’s name in West Bengal as Nazi Party of West Bengal (Hitlerist). Buddha Deb Bhattacharya has no right to claim himself as Marxist because his ideas are close to Hitler’s Naziism. Buddha Deb Bhattacharya equals to Adolph Hitler and West Bengal under Buddha Deb’s rule equals to Nazi Germany.

Source: Maoist Green Media

Posted by laljhanda at 9:09 PM
Updated: Friday, 18 May 2007 9:17 PM
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Maoists admit role in Nandigram resistance
After maintaining silence throughout the phase of violence, the Maoists, for the first time, have admitted their involvement in the resistance struggle against the Bengal government's land acquisition for the proposed Special Economic Zone in Nandigram.

In an interview published in Resistance India – a Maoist blog – CPI (Maoist) general secretary Ganapathy said his party was involved in Nandigram but denied charges that Maoists were "outsiders" fomenting trouble, as alleged by the CPI(M).

Asked if his people were involved in inciting violence in Nandigram, Ganapathy said, "One should only be surprised if we are not involved in such life-and-death issues of the masses. We intend to mobilise the masses against the conspiracies of the rulers to snatch the land of the people."

Insisting that Maoists would always attempt to be in the forefront of the struggle against SEZs – which he termed as neo-colonial enclaves within the country – Ganapathy said, "Kalinga Nagar, Singur and Nandigram, in particular, have become important symbols in this struggle. As for our role in such movements we shall definitely make all efforts to be in the forefront and lead the movement in the correct direction."

Ever since violence broke out in Nandigram about three months ago, Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee publicly said that Maoists were involved in all acts of clashes. The CPI (Maoist), however, had chosen to keep a studied silence on the issue.

The Naxal leader, however, challenged charges that his activists were outsiders in Nandigram and said that statements such as these were attempts to divert the real issue.

"The CPI(M) leaders are trying to divert the issue by repeating that Maoists from outside incited the local people and the police had no other alternative but to open fire in self-defence. Brinda Karat said Maoists used the sea-route to enter Nandigram. In their eyes, Salims or Tatas are not outsiders while Maoists, who live and die for the people, become outsiders," Ganapathy said in the interview.

Posted by laljhanda at 7:16 PM
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Maoist threats for Munda, Marandi, S