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Red Flag
Tuesday, 22 May 2007
Idealism, dialectics and materialism
Just criticising religious literature is not enough. There are some people who uphold religion even they know that there are lot of meaningless stories in religious literature. In bible, there are even stories that explicitly advocate incest, rapes and slavery etc but still there are people who uphold bible and there are some christian countries that banned books written against oppressions encouraged by bible. One person said that at first he was christian and he turned as agnostic(ajneyavadi) and later turned as atheist. He said that it is easy to make a rational argument with atheist or agnostic but it is difficult to argue with an idealist rationally. That means he became atheist after developing materialist way of thinking. Hegel claimed himself as dialectician but his thoughts were mixed with metaphysics and idealism. For example, Hegel said that mind is real. In German language, the word mind(geist) has two meanings. They are mind(alochana) and soul(athma). Soul is non-existent in scientific sense. Mind(thought) is existent but we need not think that thoughts are rationale in all cases. If we think that thoughts are rationale in all cases, we should even think that Hitler's thoughts were also rationale but Hitler was very foolish idealist. Hegel said that real is rational and Karl Marx modified the idea and said that rational is destined to be real. Hitler was also an idealist but there is very clear difference between Hegelianism and Hitlerism. Hitler said that every thing in the nature must be beautiful. It is one of his foolish ideas. Hegel said that every thing in nature undergoes changes. Karl Marx also agreed that every thing in nature undergoes changes but Hegel made metaphysical and idealist thoughts on dialectics of nature and Karl Marx made materialist analysis on dialectics of nature. Though Hegel was idealist and metaphysician, his ideas were some how mixed with dialectical way of thinking. Hegel's dialectical ideas also influenced Karl Marx's dialectical materialism. Any how, there is very much difference between Hegel's idealism and Hitler's idealism. It is difficult or impossible to make rational argument with a person who believes Hitler's idealistic ideologies because he didn't understand about nature. It is some how easy to make rational argument with a non-Marxist Hegelian because Hegelians understand some what about nature. It is easy to make rational argument with Marxist or Maoist if he had completely understood dialectical materialism.


Posted by laljhanda at 5:14 PM
Updated: Tuesday, 22 May 2007 5:19 PM
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