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Red Flag
Friday, 18 May 2007

Karl Marx said that capitalism breeds war. It is very true. World War I happened between capitalist countries only. World War II was result of Hitler and Mussolini’s corporatism and imperialism. During cold war, christian imperialists concentrated much on attacking communist countries and now they are concentrating much on attacking islamic countries.

  • First nuclear bombs were made by a corporate capitalist country.
  • First nuclear bombs were dropped by a corporate capitalist country.
  • That corporate capitalist country never promised that they won’t use nuclear bombs again.
  • During cold war, that corporate capitalist country killed many innocents by dropping bombs on North Korea, Vietnam and other countries. Poisonous gasses spread by them even effect babies in wombs of pregnants.
  • Now also that corporate capitalist country is spending a lot for research on nuclear power and making more powerful nuclear weapons.
  • What is that corporate capitalist country?

United States of America - The most vehement “rogue state” of the world.

Source: Maoist Green Media

Posted by laljhanda at 6:10 PM
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